Liz Locksley



Liz Locksley is a brilliant, young and energetic grizzly bear. She often spends time scavenging through the garbage for both food and luxury items. Unlike most of her breed, she actually hibernates through the summer, as the Texas heat makes her lethargic and an overall bummer. Also, I'm a human girl who writes blogs about transitioning into the human world.

For real tho...

I recently reignited by passion with creation. this website is a home to all my creative projects. :) 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Texas at Dallas. I’m super passionate about human rights and trying to treat everyone with common respect, compassion and decency.

I have also podcast called Fake Goth Girls. My best friend, Mia, and I talk about pop culture, adulting, and sometimes even goth stuff. We're long distance best friends so it's how we maintain our friendship, plus we can entertain others in the process!

I have the self esteem of a bear, if a bear has self esteem at all. I can’t imagine bears suffer from too many body issues, they’re so cute. I identify with that sentence, which improves on my original assertion of bear-like self-esteem. I really just wanted to talk about bears. I love bears and similar fuzzy brown things; such as, my beloved dogs and Ewoks.

On a personal level, I’m a self-improvement, illustration & organization geek. Also, like, a regular normal geek into space and cartoons.