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August Favorites

Procreate // iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Procreate // iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

I was going to write an intro sentence, but I'm not a real blogger. I'm lazy. Just read about my favorites already.

1. Poncho - I bought a poncho at Target because I was sad. Sad Liz wanted a poncho. Is that a good reason? Probably not. But now I have a poncho. It's super great for working from home. Now I can wear a luxury human-shaped blanket in our Google Hangouts instead of a trash person sports blanket.  (It's technically probably not a poncho, but I'm Texan and the word poncho makes my heart warm.)

2. Coffeetable Jazz Playlist on Spotify - We've had a super rainy summer. I've also had a super stressful (but amazing) summer. So, sometimes I dig through Spotify to find playlists to force me into a specific mood. If I get super spazzy at work, or am hella stressed, this playlist is LEGIT for creating a moody atmosphere.

3. Gourmand Perfume + Body Spray - I was forced into Urban Outfitters by one of my favorite humans on E-arth. (Rick and Morty reference y'all. I'm not illiterate. Not this time. (Confession? I spelled illiterate wrong when I wrote that sentence)) I love perfume, especially when it's got great packaging. This perfume was also under $20 and is AMAZING. I actually returned to UO to get a totally different fragrance later. Obsessed. 

4. Distressed Jeans - As a poor, fat girl, I've always had to deal with shitty jeans. I eventually decided spending the money to get Lane Bryant jeans was worth it on 40-50% off days. I recently got a new job that allows me to have a bit of extra money. I finally went to Torrid. I GOT TO GET HIP YOUNG HUMAN JEANS. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Distressed jeans make me feel so put together, which is hilarious. 2016. 

5. iPad Pro with Apple Pencil - I recently learned I love illustration. I wanted a tool that would let me create images super easily. I decided that an iPad Pro could really help with my creative productivity. I love this stupid thing so much. I'm not as good at drawing digitally as I am analog, but it's so much fun. And there's no mess!

6 The world's tackiest purse - Ok. During that same trip to UO, we also went to TopShop. Seeing as I'm obese, these stores translate to "aahhh that accessory store" to me. So, while looking through SkinnyDip accessories I saw this purse. This purse. This lilac, snakeskin, holographic cowboy purse. If I had a real brand, it would be this purse. It was also $50 which is WAY out of the price range I'd spend on a joke purse. (Spoilers, it's not.) I could not stop thinking about it. I walked away and was like "What if it goes to a home that won't love it as much as I will?" I couldn't bear that though. That purse was coming home with me. 

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