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Spring Favorites

Wahoo, it's time for another favorites post! I love favorites posts-- they may be my favorite internet content.  I hand illustrated this month, it's quite shaky as I'm learning how to control a brush pen, but I'll get there!

Sketchbook & Brush Pen - I finally found my sketchbook. Since I’ve started drawing again, I've been searching for my holy grail Sketchbook. Every sketchbook had deal breakers for Liz. The paper was too thin. The cover was hideous. It's too small. It's too large. So on and so forth. After lots of trial and error, I finally found Stillman and Birn Sketchbooks. I have the 7"x10" Beta Wirebound sketchbook. Next time, I may try one with smoother paper, but I'm definitely sticking with the same brand. I'm completely in love. Also, I love the Pentel brush pen. It's a great travel companion and is hella versatile. It does go through a lot of ink with regular use, that's is its only downfall. (Well that, and I don't have a steady hand, but that's a me thing.)

New Work From Home Office - I have a work from home job and it’s absolutely the best. But, working from home does have some super weird side effects. One of the main problems that I had was that I could not manage to separate work from home. That made it so my work/life balance was poor and I wasn’t performing at my best. In my office/studio, I had a completely unused closet (that has a window!) so I made a permanent WFH space in the closet. It’s amazing and has completely turned around my ability to separate work from home.

HP Sprocket - Ok. I saw a sponsored YouTube video about the HP Sprocket and immediately had to admit “Yep. I've been sold.” I actually bought it during the winter, but I would be super sad if it never ended in a favorites. Sprockets can print photos from your phone onto sticker paper. Now, I can print out photos whenever I want which is great for journaling or house projects. (Or even printing our reference photos for sketching!)

Poppy - Poppy is my queen. And pretty inexplicable. Please, please just view her YouTube channel

Social Media Hiatus - In April, I took a social media hiatus. I quit Facebook months ago, so I decided I'd quit Twitter and Instagram as well. Oh my god. It was the best. It was so good I'm now struggling with wanting to quit Twitter and the fact that it's where my friends live. I've started to cull down on who I follow. It's been a big help on my emotions. There is way less of an energy drain and I don't suffer from comparison woes as much. (On my main Instagram I only follow two strangers -- Katya Zomolodchikova and Noel Fielding. I'm exactly who you think I am.)

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