Liz Locksley


2017 Word of the Year - Nurture

I wasn’t planning on writing this post at all. I’m currently going through a whole ordeal with myself to figure out if blogging fits into my 2017 goals. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that depression is trying to run the conversation. Because I’m stubborn-- I’ve decided that blogging is important. 


As I said in my last post, New Years is my favorite time to read blogs. It’s one of the few times that I’m not salty over internet creation. It always feels like every creator is doing the same thing and it's over-processed. But, this is the one time it feels natural and heart-felt. (And to be fair, most of my saltiness probably stems from hating my work and projecting it on others, but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.) 

I always have the most insane Type A New Years Resolution list. It’s divided in categories and each category has 3-6 goals. The categories change year to year, but I generally have 6 categories. Although, I only try to complete 1/3rd of the goals. The ridiculous list helps me remember what I care about, as I have a tendency to forget.

I have two major goals this year. 
- Explore what being healthy means for Liz
- Improve art skillz

Even though 2016 was great, I’ve spent many years letting my mental illness get out of control. I have some emotional rehab to do. That’s where the word of the year comes in, nurture. 

Nurture, to me, means taking care and creating a lifestyle that promotes personal well-being. Creating art and learning to take care of my body are two things I've neglected for years. Which is sad, but, it's time to change that.