Things you buy for yourself when you love yourself

I’ve had a long year. Haven’t we all? I mean– we’re all just trying to find ways to deal with reality, or maybe reject it. That’s really between you and your therapist.

I don’t know why or how, but over the last week or so, everything I ever loved about makeup as just returned to me in a huge wave.

I’ve loved makeup for years. But as Instagram makeup became the norm, I fell completely out of love. Why are we doing boring drag makeup as a day look? And not even adding bright lipsticks anymore? I’m bored. When bright berry lips fell out of style, so did I.

In that time, I found painting and drawing. That’s my shit man. I love it so much. This is only moderately related to this story, but seems important enough to write so I am.

I truly have no idea what sparked this. I really don’t. But seemingly out of nowhere, my brain was just like ‘MAKEUP SHOULD BE FUN. IT’S LIKE PAINTING. JUST ON A SPECIFIC CANVAS. AHHHH” and it’s been downhill.. or uphill sense then.

It has been a very, very long time since I just wanted to do something out of a pure joy and love. Not poisoned by social media. Not poisoned by unreasonable self expectations. Or whatever other bullshit I let convince me how I should live my life.

So, that being said, I bought myself some new makeup, some WordPress hosting and I’m here TO SERVE LOOKS.

<3 Liz